About the Posters

sadly for convenience sake, the posters are (unless otherwise stated) printed on "museum-quality" semi-glossy (silk) 200gsm paper. i know, its a bit wanky but price, quality, handling and shipping kinda everywhere is fab. OPTION A is default.
the alternative, which i personally prefer is the standard outdoor blue backed 115gsm poster paper. its way more real, yet shipping is pricey (worldwide up to 30 euros). please get in touch for OPTION B.
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all posters are full bleed (unless otherwise stated) meaning that if u want to frame them, you will need a bigger frame than the poster size. the posters dont have one of those "uh, im gonna stick this poster into a nice frame and call it art" white border. just fucking duck tape it to the wall.
posters are produced upon demand. please be sure about what you order. returning it, caus you no longer like it, its kinda tricky. sure, if its fucked, yes.
i know, options are good, but life is difficult.
get in touch with any questions.

and all that said, special wishes: ie.: size, borders, and beyond can become real. HOLLA